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Calvary Chapel: A Spotlight on Sustainability

Local church, Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, recently hosted “The Faith Playbook” an event encouraging a dialogue between Philadelphia professional football players and the thousands of viewers throughout the country. The event was one of the largest ever hosted by Calvary Chapel. Knowing that the event would required additional lighting they looked towards The Resource Exchange for a sustainable option! “We hosted an event called The Faith Playbook, featuring seven professional Philadelphia football players.  Nick Foles and Carson Wentz were among those who shared about their faith. We purchased 12 Altman Ellipsoidal lights from The Resource Exchange, which cost only slightly more than renting … Continue reading

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Recent Haul from Movie Set Salvage!

One of the most important things we do here at The Resource Exchange is take donated set and prop pieces from films that are shot in the Philadelphia area.  Recently, we cleared out loads of boxes from a major motion picture’s storage unit…and here’s some of what we found!     Come on by and see what else we have in store!

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Roscolex N9

We had a truck come by from a recently shot television show to drop off a stack of mystery plastic. What initially looked like extremely flexible smoked plexiglass was actually a stack of Roscolex N9. [What, now?] In theater and film, the sheets of plastic used to color lights are called “gels”. These gels are usually lightweight, comparable in weight to wax paper or overhead transparencies. In addition to affecting the color of light, certain gels are also used to shield heat, diffuse light, or reduce light intensity. To learn more about these filters, you can visit some of the … Continue reading

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