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New Hope Academy + The Resource Exchange

New Hope Academy’s drama program often uses materials found here at The Resource Exchange to build their sets… and they’ve done it once again in their latest production of Up the Down Staircase! In keeping with the spirit of saving materials for creative reuse, program director David Boyd kept some items purchased from The Resource Exchange that he had used to build the sets of previous productions. The faux brick made from recycled cardboard (seen here on the Up the Down Staircase set) was originally purchased for the Academy’s production of 12 Angry Jurors. The set walls were also previously … Continue reading

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’tis the season for Krampus and Mummers!

Around this time of year you hear a whole lot about Santa, but not as much about Krampus, the creature from folklore that deals with the naughty children at Christmas time. Well The Resource Exchange has kept this tradition alive by providing reclaimed materials for a couple Philly Krampus events! Last year, Krampus made an appearance in the Mummer’s Parade, sporting fur that The Resource Exchange salvaged from the set of a major motion picture. The mummers are: Ruthie Schanbacher, Dana Henry, and Ellen Bonett.  Masks made by Kevin Schanbacher and photos taken by Allison Ostertag.  The mummer group is the Vaudevillains. … Continue reading

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Felt Projects! Allison Dean, and KeenerVision Studios Gallery de Light

Our (once) large collection of manufacturer surplus felt that we salvaged from a local film production is almost gone…and local artists have been having a field day creating lovely and unique pieces using this unusual medium! KeenerVision Studios Gallery de Light: Our customer J. Kyle Keener is a fine artist/photographer who “makes one-of-a-kind sculptural lamps out of industrial artifacts recovered from the ruins of America’s industrial heartland and gives them a new life as functional art objects.” To see more of his work, check out his Etsy site here.     Allison Dean is our latest customer to creatively reuse our felt … Continue reading

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