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Reclaimed Material in Industrial Design

It’s always exciting to see the creative ways our customers are able to reuse the materials that we divert from landfill. Part of our mission here at The Resource Exchange is to support local artists, designers, and makers of all kinds who employ creative reuse in their projects. We believe that prioritizing sustainable solutions in design is important for our climate’s future, and a big part of that has to be reuse.  Resource Exchange customer and Senior Industrial Design Major at The University of the Arts, Jose Carpena, demonstrated these ideals in his most recent project. Carpena often puts sustainability at … Continue reading

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Sustainability in a Self Portrait: Rain Quilt by Olan Reeves

Olan Reeves recently found a reclaimed Dylon Cold Water Fabric Dye Kit at The Resource Exchange and besides some rain, it was exactly what he needed for his latest project, a self portrait in the form of a Rain Quilt. Reeves is a local textile and surface designer in Philadelphia and his work covers a wide range of mediums including sewing, knitting, weaving, painting, and more. “As a water sign, I’ve always been really drawn to the rain. I wanted to incorporate quilting with water in some way and dying was the first thing that came to mind. The trial … Continue reading

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Local Warehouse Clean-out and Huge Art Supply Donation!

  We now have loads of items for sale in the store thanks to a large, local donation! A warehouse in South Kensington was once a storage center for local arts and craft supply stores. In it were hundreds of boxes of materials that never made it out for distribution.     The re staff got down and dirty cleaning out the warehouse, saving hundreds of pounds of materials from landfill!   As you can see, it was no easy task, but that is merely a testament to how absolutely dedicated we are to our mission!   Some of the new … Continue reading

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