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Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year! Did you set any intentions or make resolutions this year? As we find ourselves three weeks into 2016, some of us are doing great at sticking to our resolutions, while others have yet to get started. Perhaps we aren’t really sure where to begin?! While we can’t help you with your intentions to start exercising, eating healthier, or traveling more, here at The Resource Exchange we can help in other ways. If your resolutions for the year are to find ways to help the environment, save money, and  get organized in your home or office, we have you … Continue reading

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Zac’s PVC pipe raft

Recently more and more customers have found some great ways to use the PVC pipe donation we received in the spring.  This, we have to say, may be the most innovative so far!  re customer Zac was generous enough to share both photos and a short video of his DIY river raft, which floated on the sealed 4” PVC pipes! Check it out: “The raft could hold almost 1000 lbs and the total cost was $148. It was built with pipes, soda bottles, glue, tape, plywood, and giant zip ties! We floated down the Susquehanna river for several hours on … Continue reading

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Eric Van Nielsen’s studio

April’s reCreate Featured Artist, Eric Van Nielsen, recently shared some photos of his studio to illustrate how integral The Resource Exchange was in helping shape his studio’s functionality while keeping it very affordable: “I was coming in two, maybe three times a day for about two to three weeks last November when I first acquired my studio because it needed a lot of work before I could start painting.  Winter was practically here and there were a number of insulation issues, not least of all a “skylight” which was going to thwart any effort to heat the space when it got … Continue reading

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