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The Magic in Creative Reuse!

Community and family events often have tables for crafting, making, and learning new skills. We love it when local businesses get creative and make an effort to use reclaimed materials, instead of buying new supplies. Recently at PlayFest, new local business Kith + Kin made sure reuse was part of their magical community activity! “Using sticks we found on walks and a huge variety of ribbon and yarn from the Resource Exchange, we transformed these materials into magical wands that the whole family loved creating!” The event took place at the newly opened, Cherry Street Pier. “We had an amazing time at … Continue reading

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From Reclaimed Trinkets to Philanthropic Zombies

When it comes to relaxing, some people might opt for taking a walk along the Wissahickon or spending a quiet night in. Local artist and educator, Kelsey Romano, has a somewhat different approach. Her process of “zombifying” reclaimed trinkets enables her to make some seriously cool art while helping an incredible organization in the process. “I’m a special education teacher in Philly, which means I’m really stressed out most of the time. Going on adventures to Resource Exchange and random thrift stores to find interesting statues to zombify is my form of therapy.” “Something about taking something unloved with a … Continue reading

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Marking Back to School with Creative Reuse!

Regular customer Bill knew just what to do when a friend of his posed a peculiar request:  “So, Bill, do you know where I could get a big cardboard tube fast, like by this weekend?” He responded with a confident, “I know a place…” Bill picked up a 10 foot tall cardboard tube from The Resource Exchange, cut it in half, and gave the pieces to his friend Tracy for these adorable back to school projects. The tubes were painted and topped with paper to create a giant pencil and crayon that marked the kids’ first days of school!   … Continue reading

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