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Vintage and Rare Books, Magazines, and Newspapers!

We have many vintage and rare books and magazines! See photos for examples. Some may still be available in the store, some available for sale on e-bay. Check out our e-bay listings here!

Currently we have:
– “True Stories from History and Biography” by Nathaniel Hawthorne circa 1871, $25-
-“A Letter from Madame Chiang Kai-Shek to Boys and Girls Across the Ocean” circa 1940, $125- RARE! Buy it now on e-bay!
-Calligraphy 1535-1885 by Stanley Morison, $150, Buy it now on e-bay!
-“Rembrandt” Portfolios (include 16 full color prints), $25
-Edison Records “The Bird and the Bullfrog” and “She’s the Lass for Me,” $7- each
-“Metropolitan Seminars in Art” portfolios circa 1958, each comes with it’s own set of full color prints, $15- each
-LOOK, LIFE, and HOLIDAY magazines circa Mid-Century, 50¢-$7 depending on issue and condition
-Bound collections of 1930’s and 1940’s LIFE magazines, $50 each
-The Secret of Theatrical Space by Josef Svoboda,1st Edition 1993, $100, buy it now on e-bay

…and more!

-WWII Newspapers circa 1945 with headlines “PEACE” and “WAR DECLARED,” $12- each – SOLD
-“L’Illustrazione Italiana” Italian Magazines circa 1950s, $15- each -SOLD
-“Motion Picture Story Magazine” circa February 1914, $25- RARE! -SOLD
-“Gravity” by Bertha Morris Parker circa 1957, $5- SOLD
“Masterpieces of Italian Painting” $25 SOLD
-Protestant Hymnals written in German (bound in leather) circa 1905, $8 SOLD; circa 1919, $6- SOLD

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