Do you have reusable materials that you no longer need that could be reused for artistic, educational or building purposes?

Please email or call us first at 267.997.0060 with a description of the type and amount of materials you wish to donate, to make sure that we can accept them. See our list of commonly accepted materials on the right, and if you have further questions please feel free to contact us for assistance!

Thank you for supporting The Resource Exchange! 
All donations are used to further our mission of promoting creative reuse in Philadelphia.

The Resource Exchange is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will gladly provide a downloadable tax receipt for you to record the fair market value of your goods. For more specific information regarding valuation, record keeping and reporting, you may consult IRS Publications 526 and 561 and/or consult your tax advisor.

Due to a limited amount of storage space, we are unfortunately unable to accept drop off donations without prior approval! If you do not contact us first we cannot guarantee that your donation will be accepted. We will do our best to give you referral and or recycling information for items that we are currently unable to accept.

Acceptable Materials

art/craft supplies

  • assorted artist studio equipment and tools
  • sculpture tools + materials
  • artwork, paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs
  • canvas/muslin remnants over 1yd & canvas stretchers
  • brushes of all kinds 
  • artist paints (watercolor,  tube acrylic/oil paints, tempera etc.) with labels.  Open is okay, but please at least 1/2 full and not dried out or rotten 
  • drawing paper, colored paper, tissue paper (rolls, pads, & sheets in good, sellable condition please)
  • cardstock/posterboard/mat board/foam core/sintra/plexi
  • colored pencils, crayons, chalk, pastels, markers
  • printing blocks/stencils
  • art related books 
  • small art supply storage containers
  • portfolios & carriers
  • easels, drawing and drafting tables, flat files  please call first, thanks!
  • fabrics/trim (must be minimum one square yard, with the exception of designer fabric samples. No partial projects, clothing, or rags please.
  • beads/jewelry making tools and supplies
  • working sewing machines, sewing & knitting supplies (yarn, needles, crochet hooks, buttons)
  • gift wrap/ribbon/gift bags
  • assorted crafting materials like glitter, glue, stickers, stamps
  • scrapbooking supplies
  • found objects and vintage curiosities and oddities!
  • other misc. things that might lend themselves to creative reuse projects. If you find yourself saying “Someone could make something with this!,” call us!

scenery and props

We save a wide variety of set materials and props from film, theatre, and events to keep them from ending up in landfill after the curtain closes!  If you’ve got materials that could be reused in future productions, email us at or call us 215-267-0060!

  • unique scenery pieces
  • painted backdrops and signs,
  • mannequins and display fixtures
  • stage curtains, reusable 4'x8' flats and platforms, and other large scale or heavy set pieces (due to limited space, we can only keep a small amount in stock, so please contact us first)

building/home improvement

  • dimensional lumber at least 6 ft length (unless it is hardwood) and clean sheet goods of wood, plexi, sintra, etc. (half sheets or larger) in resellable condition. No mold, rot, or excessive paint. Minimal nails and screws may be acceptable, please contact us first.
  • reusable 4'x8' flats and platforms (due to limited space, we can only keep a small amount in stock, so please contact us first)
  • some reusable film and theatrical pieces (just check first, we'll do what we can!)
  • molding/trim
  • architectural accents and elements
  • decorative windows and hardwood doors in good condition (no hollow core please)
  • hardware of all types like knobs/pulls, brackets, etc. (please no rust)
  • tools in working condition


  • vintage or quality furniture/housewares/lighting
  • misc. antiques/collectibles
  • gardening supplies

classroom supplies

  • maps/educational posters/classroom decorations
  • art or environmental books & lesson plans
  • chalk and chalkboards/corkboards

office supplies

  • paper, pads, stationary (please no logos on unbound office paper)
  • binders, notebooks, file folders/dividers, etc.
  • staplers, tape, scissors, desk accessories, etc.

items likely for referral and/or recycling

  • any excessively damaged, mildewed, or soiled items will be returned at the time of donation, we cannot afford to recycle or dispose of unsellable materials.
  • we can accept some household items and costume pieces, but most clothing, furniture, and housewares that we cannot accept will be referred to local thrift stores, shelters, etc.
  • cans of paint must be latex only, 1/2 full or more, with the color clearly indicated on the lid. Please allow extra time when donating paint, as our staff will need to open and inspect the cans for any signs of rot, rust, etc. Any paint in unacceptable condition will be returned to the donor for proper disposal.
  • we can NOT accept any plastic or aluminum window blinds. We may be able to accept hardwood blinds, but please email or call ahead for prior approval.
  • typical curbside recycling items, like toilet/paper towel tubes, plastic food containers, etc.
  • standard dimensional lumber less than 4’, sheet goods less than half original size, or any wood with excessive nails, screws, paint, warping, signs of rot.
  • any pressure treated lumber
  • non-tempered glass storm doors, large plate glass
  • fluorescent lightbulbs
  • ewaste (computers, printers, televisions, etc.)
  • cassettes/CDs/VHS tapes
  • mattresses/box springs/bedding
  • used carpets & padding (new carpet tiles okay)
  • any hazardous materials, batteries, fluids. etc.
  • tires/automotive parts
  • used appliances, refrigerators, freezers, AC units