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Creative Reuse at the Mummers Parade

Check out how the Vaudevillains New Years Brigade repurposed large canvases as backdrops for their performance at the 2018 Mummers Parade! The title of their skit this year was “The Party Artery.” The heart, veins, and blood work to nourish the parts of the body equally, but nefarious germs and diseases invade and attempt to block access to health for power and profit. White blood cells come in to defend the body but are briefly overwhelmed until all parts of the body work together to fight off the disease-causing agents. The canvases were initially salvaged from an artist’s studio back in October of last … Continue reading

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SPLIT Spot-The-Props!

Remember Highlight’s Hidden Pictures? Well we love to play Resource-Exchange-Spot-The-Props when movies that we work with come out! We get to see how materials we saved from landfill got used in the scenes, and also spot all of the cool props and decor that they donated to us after the film was shot! SPLIT, M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie, opened last weekend, and if you look close The Resource Exchange is all over it…and we even got a ‘thank you’ in the credits (Thanks for the Thanks!) FROM STAGE TO SCREEN! See all those creepy looking white pipes along the … Continue reading

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Salvaged Lumber Storage Bench at Philly Maid Green!

There are a bunch of reasons why we love Philly Maid Green, a house cleaning service located at 2nd and Berks (just a few block away from The Resource Exchange!) Firstly, they implement 100% sustainable practices in every aspect of their services. They use handmade, non-toxic cleaning products and offer educational workshops . “We’re not just a cleaning service, but an environmental initiate to create greener, cleaner and healthier homes and communities throughout Philadelphia with education, affordability, and impeccable service.” Philly Maid Green isn’t only environmentally responsible with their cleaning practices. Owner-Operator Brie Parker is a regular customer at The Resource … Continue reading

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