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Upcoming Teen Program Using Reclaimed Materials at the Fabric Workshop and Museum !

We’re so thrilled that The Fabric Workshop and Museum regularly uses reclaimed materials in their family programming events! For their upcoming event What Lies Beneath, they created props and costumes using a wide variety of materials found at The Resource Exchange. Participants will be able to see the artwork produced by teens from around the city and have a chance to explore screen printing, button making, or capturing self-portrait imagery in the FWM’s polaroid selfie booth!  What Lies Beneath takes inspiration from their current exhibition Suzanne Bocanegra: Poorly Watched Girls, which celebrates the vibrant voices of teens, by inviting them to … Continue reading

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Comcast: Creating a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

The Resource Exchange is excited to see businesses of all sizes taking steps to lessen their impact on the environment either by making donations of reusable materials or by shopping secondhand- first. Together we’re able to save thousands of pounds of reusable materials from film productions and other local businesses from going to landfills and incinerators each year. Recently, Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia had collected a substantial amount of unused office supplies during their process of moving and knew there had to be a way of keeping it out of the landfill. Their Sustainability Team contacted The Resource Exchange and quickly set … Continue reading

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Marking Back to School with Creative Reuse!

Regular customer Bill knew just what to do when a friend of his posed a peculiar request:  “So, Bill, do you know where I could get a big cardboard tube fast, like by this weekend?” He responded with a confident, “I know a place…” Bill picked up a 10 foot tall cardboard tube from The Resource Exchange, cut it in half, and gave the pieces to his friend Tracy for these adorable back to school projects. The tubes were painted and topped with paper to create a giant pencil and crayon that marked the kids’ first days of school!   … Continue reading

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