We’re Expanding and Moving in 2019!

The Resource Exchange and the NextFab North maker space are moving to 1800 N. American Street, a 60,000+ square foot building along the American Street Improvement Project Corridor, as both organizations prepare to scale. This synergistic collaboration will leverage the strengths of both of our organizations by combining NextFab’s tools, technology, and training with The Resource Exchange’s reclaimed materials and sustainable arts mission and programs. The large industrial scale of this new location provides an increased footprint for both organizations, including multiple loading docks, a large shared parking lot, and enough square footage for additional aligned subtenants. NextFab will offer expanded departments including … Continue reading

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Marking Back to School with Creative Reuse!

Regular customer Bill knew just what to do when a friend of his posed a peculiar request:  “So, Bill, do you know where I could get a big cardboard tube fast, like by this weekend?” He responded with a confident, “I know a place…” Bill picked up a 10 foot tall cardboard tube from The Resource Exchange, cut it in half, and gave the pieces to his friend Tracy for these adorable back to school projects. The tubes were painted and topped with paper to create a giant pencil and crayon that marked the kids’ first days of school!   … Continue reading

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Sustainability in a Self Portrait: Rain Quilt by Olan Reeves

Olan Reeves recently found a reclaimed Dylon Cold Water Fabric Dye Kit at The Resource Exchange and besides some rain, it was exactly what he needed for his latest project, a self portrait in the form of a Rain Quilt. Reeves is a local textile and surface designer in Philadelphia and his work covers a wide range of mediums including sewing, knitting, weaving, painting, and more. “As a water sign, I’ve always been really drawn to the rain. I wanted to incorporate quilting with water in some way and dying was the first thing that came to mind. The trial … Continue reading

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