Reclaimed “River Beasts and Besties!”

Beth from Ethnologica, a research consultancy firm with a focus on community-based ethnography, recently came into The Resource Exchange to find reclaimed materials to use in their storytelling and art workshop River Beasts and Besties. The event, held at The Barn at Bartram’s Garden, was made possible by an Ecotopian Toolkit award from the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities for Ethnologica’s project entitled Monsters of the Deep, Myths for the Future. Ethnologica created this public workshop to: …explore local fears of and hopes for urban waterways as part of their ongoing work researching community conceptions of health and wellbeing. Fear … Continue reading

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“LYBL: Spectator in the Commons” September Exhibition

Grayson Cox is a New York City based artist working in a variety of media, from painting and printmaking, to photography and furniture-like sculpture. Cox’s latest exhibit “LYBL: Spectator in the Commons” featured at local art gallery and artist print shop Pressure Club. The exhibition utilizes reclaimed fabric batting from The Resource Exchange in Cox’s cushion sculptures. The concept “live your best life” or “LYBL” can spur us to live out our best behavior or cause us to squander it into the winds. The cognitive dissonance we experience with what we want for the world and what we want for ourselves … Continue reading

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Creative Reuse Replica: “BEAUTY ROUTINE” music video by Mothers features thoughtfully reused materials

Customer Kristine Leschper of Mothers made a replica of herself with what she found in our shop in their new music video “BEAUTY ROUTINE” that just premiered on Consequence of Sound. Leschper says, “BEAUTY ROUTINE talks about inhabiting a body or selfhood which, upon self-examination, becomes increasingly jarring or unrecognizable. It explores the idea of semantic satiation as applied to obsessive rituals, especially those associated with ‘beauty’ and physicality, where repetition leads to a loss of meaning and cognitive recognition.”  The replica used in the video was made from plaster, canvas strips, cotton batting, and acrylic paint that came from The Resource Exchange.  … Continue reading

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