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Revolution Recovery, a construction and demolition recycling facility in Northeast Philadelphia, began partnering with The Resource Exchange in 2010 to increase the amount of film & theatre production materials from ending up in Philadelphia's landfills and incinerators. This collaborative approach was honored by the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia with a Business + Arts Partnership Award in May 2014.


The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is the oldest grassroots environmental organization in the Commonwealth, with programs in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. One of it’s many success stories was the formation of the Pittsburgh-based reuse center Construction Junction in 1999, and PRC was also actively involved in the formation of The Resource Exchange in Philadelphia. PRC and The Resource Exchange share common mission values and goals for the environment in Pennsylvania, and have expressed a mutual commitment to further their charitable purposes by working collaboratively in the future.

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Construction Junction diverts more than 720 tons a year from landfills for reuse, and generates revenue in excess of $1 million dollars through the sale of donated used and salvaged building materials. They have provided invaluable guidance and organizational assistance to The Resource Exchange, and recently partnered in the salvage of reusable building materials from a television pilot set in Philadelphia. This was the first in what we hope will be many collaborative statewide recovery efforts between the organizations.

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“It is my sincere hope that The Resource Exchange will grow and thrive, fostering a new sustainable production model that will reduce our industry’s environmental footprint and help the entire Philadelphia community.”

- Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of The Greater Philadelphia Film Office

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Our work would not be possible without the ongoing support we receive from our donors, partner organizations, customers, community volunteers, friends and family. We are deeply grateful for all of the invaluable donations of time and materials we receive in support of our mission, and we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for their financial contributions:

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 Philadelphia Cultural Fund | The Claneil Foundation | Samuel S. Fels Fund | The Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) | Clarence A. Rowell Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Committee | Denise Gerred | Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Matching Gifts Program | PPL EnergyPlus LLC, through our partner organization, the Pennsylvania Resources Council | Revolution Recovery

<  $5,000

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (a state agency) - Anonymous through Just Give/I Do Foundation - Generocity - The Mighty Engine | Participating Staff of Mercer Monthly Denim Charity Program | Dan Arber + Jolynda Burton - Dhaval Bhatt* - John Consolvo - Shreekant Dhopte* - Mike Gable -- Sharon + William Gerred - Robert Jondreau - Erika Katz - Lesley Katz - Kate Locke + Courtney Wilburn - Dennis Madigan -  Alfred Pettit - Lynn F Pettit - Roland Reed - Nancy + Howard Thurston - Nate Turner  - and all of the generous anonymous donations given to us in the shop and at our events in the community

* includes a matching gift


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