Local Artist Benjamin Howard’s Murals Using Reclaimed Paint

Local artist Benjamin Howard creates large scale murals throughout the city, often using reclaimed paint and other materials found at the re. "For several years I had a studio at Sharktown a few blocks from the Resource Exchange. I picked up some great stuff during that time, but most importantly a well priced 5 gallon of Kelly green. I’ve gathered that this jug was most likely 'green screen' paint and it’s treated me really well over a few years time and judicious use. I still have about a gallon left on that bucket!” 

Benjamin's current work seeks to explore the culture of everyday life infused with the fantastical. Now a long time resident of Philadelphia, traversing across the urban landscape each day lets him experience the over-sensory stimulation that inhabit his compositions.

For many of his projects, he works with a collective called Tiny Room for Elephants that does large scale multi-artist installations. In 2018, they installed work at the Bok building and in a rotation at the Fillmore. 

The 3 images below with elephants in them were part of that installation:

Another mural Benjamin created was used in a web advertisement for Comcast when they launched their Xfinity hotspots. The advert became a viral video! Cheers to Comcast for hiring local artists as well as donating many reusable materials to The Resource Exchange, helping us divert them from landfill - read our blog "Comcast: Creating a Culture of Sustainable Innovation" here

Above: Benjamin Howard standing in front of his mural for Comcast's Xfinity viral video web campaign.

 Benjamin has also painted a number of murals for local organizations and businesses. "Senior Fam" was created for an office for senior family services in the Northern Liberties:

This mural featuring Ben Franklin is at a new restaurant at 40th and Baltimore called Trolley Car Cafe:  

Artists like Benjamin are the reason why we do what we do - diverting reusable maker materials from landfill. We love seeing so many beautiful works of art around Philadelphia that use reclaimed materials, helping to create a more sustainable city!

To read more about Benjamin Howard and view more of his astonishing work visit his website www.benhowardart.com.

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