Vanguard Charitable: The Value In Giving

Vanguard Charitable is a leading U.S. nonprofit organization that fulfills its mission to increase philanthropic giving by administering a donor advised fund and direct grant assets to charity. Their services facilitate in long-term, strategic charitable planning that minimizes costs and maximizes the impact of philanthropic giving. They offer donors a convenient way to give and, ultimately, help them make a greater charitable impact.

The Vanguard Charitable team reached out to us to set up a volunteer day with their grants team and to learn more about our nonprofit and how we promote reuse and conservation in our community. It quickly became apparent to us that they are just as dedicated to philanthropy as their donors. The team of eleven staff members came in last week and were up for anything!

The Resource Exchange team set up tables throughout our warehouse with various sorting, processing, and painting tasks. In effort to keep as many reusable materials out of the waste stream as possible we receive donations that occasionally need extensive sorting or cleaning in order to be reused. A little dust or unravelled yarn can hide the fact that these materials are always in good and usable condition. New donations come into The Resource Exchange every day that need to be sorted and processed, so having 11 extra sets of hands for the day was a huge help!

While working with the Vanguard Charitable team we learned that they have been busy with directing charitable donations toward the series of natural disasters that have occurred recently. It is unfortunate that these disasters are happening, but the team says it's incredible to assist people who want to support and contribute to relief efforts.

On behalf of the board and staff of The Resource Exchange, we’d like to thank Vanguard Charitable for their generous Philanthropic Impact Fund grant - and for sending their amazing staff to volunteer their time on a fun day filled with  all-things-creative-reuse!

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