“Lattice of the Mystics” at Freeform Arts Fest


Did you go to Burning Man this month!? A similar event, the Freeform Arts Festival, happened in June and one of our customers, Ashley Kennedy, purchased some bendable plywood that we diverted from landfill to make a large sculpture! The piece was burned at the event during a performative and reflective portion of the evening.


The sculpture, based off of the "playa-tech" furniture designs, was a slotted design which stored flat and allowed for a tool-less, quick assembly. It was entitled "Lattice of the Mystics." The artist commented on the making of the large-scale piece:

"In our industry we try to communicate as many ideas as possible in the simplest of forms, so I decided to revert to a time before the phonetic alphabet. I did a lot of research on different types of cultures and symbols, and was drawn towards that of the Nordic. I used influence from about 10 different Nordic symbols to form the aesthetics, so the figure itself represents meanings such as light, strength, protection, energy, courage, gift, home, etc."


"The burning of the piece is performed to represent impermanence. I wanted to make something larger than myself in both physical and spiritual manner, which in a bigger picture reflected existence as a whole"



This sculpture was partially funded through a Freeform Arts grant which helped fund the materials used in the project.


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