Reclaimed Materials in “Pitch’s Stitches” Dog Collars + More!

gold and black ribbon story DSC_9916

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Sharon, owner of Pitch's Stitches, a business that hand-makes dog collars out of reclaimed materials. Many of the materials she uses come from the re! Read about Pitch's Stitches in Sharon's own words below.

"A necktie collar for business days, a denim collar for casual days and fabric belt or ribbon collar just for fun, all to match each dog’s personality. Pitch’s Stitches collars are hand crafted, unique, quality collars for your BFF (Best Furry Friend).


This is Pitch, the business' namesake, wearing a collar made with fabric from re:

Pitch with gold and black ribbon collar DSC_9915

Pitch’s Stitches does its part to help support a sustainable environment by upcycling fabrics found in her closet, thrift stores or yard sales such as neckties, jeans, cloth belts and ribbon into beautiful doggie apparel.  Pitch’s Stitches also supports dog rescue and donates collars and a percentage of sales to dog rescue organizations.

Pitch’s Stitches also makes bow tie/bows, hats, doggie neckties, leashes, and leash bags.  The bags are redesigned jeans pockets."

Before and After, neckties to collars:

Pitch's Stitches before and after

Necktie story final 1Aug16

We love seeing people like Sharon turn creative reuse into successful businesses like Pitch's Stitches, and that she gives back so much to the community. Be sure to check out more of the products available on her website and like the Pitch's Stitches facebook page!

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