Hate landfill?

Love the arts?

Got a couple of hours to spare?

Creative energy for a great cause?

How about a pick up truck? (really, we’re not kidding!)

Help us continue to keep reusable material in our local economy, not in the landfill!

Saving valuable materials from landfill, and putting them back into the community for creative reuse is hard work! Fun and rewarding too, but still a challenge, and we are always looking for volunteers to join us. Come help The Resource Exchange with things like:

  • creating reclaimed goods that help fund our work
  • picking up/unloading donations
  • denailing and deconstruction
  • sorting and preparing reusable material for resale
  • community events and workshops
  • office and administrative tasks

To become a volunteer, please contact us with your availability and contact information at info@theresourceexchange.org. Thanks for your support!

  • Jason, the hardest working denailer in show business! Volunteers make what we do possible and do everything from saving set pieces, to sorting, organizing, and denailing lumber!
  • Our move from Cedar Street to 2nd and Cecil B. Moore would't have been possible without the helping hands of our volunteers
  • Here's volunteer Hunter organizing the lumber section of our last location on Cedar St.
  • Volunteer Maddie and staff member Eileen worked together to sort our tool closet before the big move
  • Our reSETS program volunteers worked with a local union film crew to save over 25 tons of reusable lumber from a feature film shot in Philadelphia
  • One of the reasons we started The Resource Exchange was to create a nonprofit where the environmental efforts of film crew members (like Steve here) who wanted to make a positive difference in their industry could be combined to make a BIG difference.
  • Our Steppingstone Scholar interns de-nailing a lumber donation
  • Roooooonie! Volunteer Teamster - Need to get it done? He's the man. Our union brother, volunteering his time to help us do what we do!
  • Volunteer Flora and board member Dennis donated a whole lot of their time to to help us move from Cedar Street to 2nd!
  • Carpenters like Carmen that have been building film and theatre sets for years have seen A LOT of what they build go straight into a dumpster after a film wraps. Volunteering to help save some of these materials is their way of giving back, and we couldn't do what we do without them!
  • Doreen, Steppingstone Scholar intern, working on an art project made entirely out of reclaimed materials
  • Volunteers denailing salvaged lumber from a film set in The Resource Exchange's first Navy Yard location
  • Here's one summer's worth of nails, pulled by our volunteers to keep reusable lumber in our local community, NOT in the landfill!