donate funding

Financial support from the community plays a critical role in enabling us to continue our mission of promoting creative reuse, recycling, and resource conservation by diverting valuable materials from the waste stream and redirecting them to artists, builders, educators and the general public. Your contribution in any dollar amount is appreciated, because we see the true value of donor support in the many ways it has helped us to improve the environment, enhance the arts, and contribute to a local, sustainable economy in Philadelphia! We are proud to highlight some of these stories on the Collaborations and Support page. You can donate:

  • in person, the next time you come by to shop or look for creative reuse materials!
  • by mail, with a check to: The Resource Exchange 1701 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
  • or donate online right now through Paypal:

thank you to our generous donors!

<  $5,000

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (a state agency) – Samuel S. Fels Fund – Anonymous through Just Give/I Do Foundation – Generocity – The Mighty Engine | Dan Arber + Jolynda Burton – Dhaval Bhatt* – John Consolvo – Shreekant Dhopte* – Mike Gable — Sharon + William Gerred – Robert Jondreau – Erika Katz – Lesley Katz – Kate Locke + Courtney Wilburn – Dennis Madigan –  Alfred Pettit – Lynn F Pettit – Roland Reed – Nancy + Howard Thurston – Nate Turner  – and all of the generous anonymous donations given to us in the shop and at our events in the community

> $5,000

 The Claneil Foundation – Clarence A. Rowell Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Committee – Denise Gerred* – Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Matching Gifts Program – PPL EnergyPlus LLC, through our partner organization, the Pennsylvania Resources Council – Revolution Recovery

* includes a matching gift