Emily Schrag wedding frame

reMade Wedding Gift

Emily Schrag made a beautiful, custom picture frame as a wedding present for a friend by adapting a frame and reMade lauan letters from The re. The letters add a great personal touch and give new life to our salvaged lauan, a lightweight plywood often used in theater sets that is derived from endangered rainforest trees. Home made gifts are the best gifts and upcycled gifts are even better!  Coincidentally, the Bride used to work with our partner Revolution Recovery!

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Aluminum Brick Panel Table

Film set door…now dining room table!

When customer Anastasia Hudgins came to our store looking for something unique and reclaimed for a table top, she spotted these aluminum brick patterned sliding doors saved from a local film set. Our staff (and many customers!) loved these beautiful doors, but we never thought of laying them down flat! Now, with customizing help from the folks at Philadelphia Salvage, she has a fantastic table made out of scenery…and we have more room in our shop to save even more one of kind pieces for reuse!

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10,000 artscape game board

Philly Artists bring re’s film & theatre salvage to Baltimore Artscape!

Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival, took place in Baltimore, Maryland last month and we were so excited to have not just one, but two Philadelphia based groups of artists who used salvaged materials from The Resource Exchange in their Artscape Installations! Local artists and Resource Exchange regulars Lauren Pakradooni and Mark Rice brought an interactive life size version of the table top game, “10,000,” to the Field Day portion of Artscape. They said, “The usual exclusivity of the table-top version of the game will be exchanged for an interactive and inviting environment for both players and spectators to learn the rules and cheer … Continue reading

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