Norris Square Neighborhood Projects

Norris Square Neighborhood Project members got their creative reuse on at a local after-school youth arts program! Staff members Katherine and Marian came to the re looking to supplement their crafting supplies for an upcoming sewing project. They were able to find fabrics, buttons, appliqués, thread, and other sewing notions to help make the project a success. They students made hoodies, scarves, t-shirts, and more! Many of the students were using the fun projects to learn how to use sewing machines. Norris Square Neighborhood Project’s Mission is to promote positive change through youth education, community leadership, green spaces, the arts, and … Continue reading

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Reuse in “Wizard of Oz” Makes Emerald City Truly Green!

Artists from Limelight Performing Arts Center came to The Resource Exchange in search of reused and discounted materials to help build the set for The Wizard of Oz! The creative team used salvaged foam to make bricks for the yellow brick road, fabric, trim and other salvaged materials from our inventory to add to the set of the production. Glad to see these materials weren’t sent to landfill, and instead are being reused in LimePAC’s production, which runs until April 2nd. Visit their Facebook page for more!  

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Raising Voices with Reclaimed Postcards

Regular customer and former reCreate Featured Artist Kristie Landry uses salvaged materials from The Resource Exchange in her works all the time. Most recently, though, Kristie has been using stuff from the re to make her voice heard. Postcards are something we get at the re quite often. They’re one of those items in our store that you can take the time to flip through and find just the right one for the kind of message you want to send. Instead of buying or printing all of them new, Kristie found some postcards in our piles that spoke to her … Continue reading

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