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The Resource Exchange + Steppingstone Scholars!

Let’s hear from our Summer Interns from Steppingstone Scholars…Tyiana and William! “Follow the Cemented Road” Last Friday, we had the privilege of hosting a tour of The Resource Exchange warehouse for a group of Steppingstone Scholars. The tour group consisted of a group of around 20-25 scholars and we spent the better half of two hours showing them the space. But before we get into the logistics of the tour, here is a little background on what Steppingstone Scholars is. Steppingstone Scholars Inc. is a program, “dedicated to helping educationally underserved students in the Greater Philadelphia region achieve success.” To fulfill this mission statement, Steppingstone … Continue reading

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house of shells 2

Film “City of Shells” finds set dec in the Random Room!

The Crew from a new local movie recently came to the re looking for some reused materials with which they could decorate their sets. The movie, City of Shells, uses shells, lampshades, and other materials that they found in our RANDOM ROOM for set dec.  Find out more about City of Shells: A surreal supernatural thriller which visually imagines a city’s changing landscape: While looking into the cause of a woman’s disappearance, a man gifted with otherworldly sight becomes aware of a powerful force that has been operating among the human world and manipulating it for its own purposes. Check out … Continue reading

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Biography screen shot

Breakaway glass in movie!

Thanks to Layla Warren for sharing her fantastic senior thesis film, “Biography” with us!  It features breakaway glass that she purchased here at The Resource Exchange earlier this year (keep an eye out for it half way through the film).  For anyone interested in Breakaway glass, we still have plenty in stock! Biography from LaylaLou Warren on Vimeo. How many chances is too many? A recovering alcoholic attempts to reconcile with his estranged daughter. It’s always fulfilling for us to provide artists in the area with the materials to make great work, and this is a wonderful example.  We look forward to … Continue reading

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