From Movie Set to Community Garden!

We are so happy to see another community project made possible with reclaimed lumber saved from a film set! Check out what The Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust has built!:  “We have found great use for the reclaimed wood that we purchased from you. We built a 4’x16’x2′ garden bed, the first in what we hope will eventually become a community garden at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust…I’ve put in a few plants and will send more images of the growing veggies soon. Thanks again! We couldn’t be happier with our new bed. The community on our block is excited and folks … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus Float

The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus built a fantastic float for the Pride Parade this past June 14th  and were able to utilize some of the 4” PVC pipe that InterAct Theater donated to us, which we featured in our blog in May.  It’s very satisfying for us here at The Resource Exchange to see reclaimed and salvaged material come full circle locally and be used to help bring great ideas to life, like this great float!  Congratulations guys – it looks like it was tons of fun! Whether you’re building a parade float or designing a theater set or anything in between, … Continue reading

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Sagan Youth Music Video by Chrissy Jones

We here at the Resource Exchange are always thrilled to see seemingly disparate salvaged items here combined to create great art! Chrissy Jones, a local artist, videographer and re customer recently shared the music video she made for the band Sagan Youth’s song “Surface”.  Chrissy explains how The Resource Exchange was integral to her process; “I’m adamant about organic special effects and no cgi, so I bought a few of your plates of glass and shot chemical reactions for hours at a time to get the effect of a living galaxy. I found a really cool sunset matte board, fake … Continue reading

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