Weddings + Creative Reuse: A perfect marriage

Many customers have come to the Resource Exchange looking for reclaimed décor and craft materials for their weddings—and also donated materials for reuse after their weddings. Using reclaimed items in a wedding not only reduces the event’s environmental footprint, but makes it more unique, creative, and personal (and of course, cost-effective!). When her best friend recently got married, re staffer Laura combed the store for reclaimed items to give the wedding a personal (and green!) touch.


This reclaimed gold frame served a dual purpose at the wedding. It framed the welcome sign (painted on salvaged foam core with acrylic paint from the re!) at the ceremony and then framed the DIY “photobooth” during the reception, where guests could don masks and hats from our reclaimed costumes box to take pictures!


Vintage Piano rolls (rolls of paper with perforations that operate player pianos), were used to make a backdrop for the vows during the ceremony and were turned into candlelit lanterns to illuminate the night.


Our reMade tree display stands (which we still have many of in the store!) served as beautiful table number holders, and flowers on the tables were arranged in old salvaged glass jars and bottles.  The hanging glass votives on the wreath chandelier came from the set of the upcoming movie “Untouchable.”

Reclaimed vintage lace doilies, crates and baskets rented from the re were used throughout the farm venue.  When the beautiful event was over, many things from the wedding were donated to the re so that others can use them for their events or find them new creative purposes!  Are you or someone you know getting married soon? Come explore our warehouse wonderland for unique reclaimed materials (fabric, ribbons, stationary, frames, art supplies, decor, costumes, stands, dishes and cutlery, lumber, and so much more!) for a greener wedding.

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